Monday, October 08, 2007


Just three products tucked into that makeup bag and you're good to go!

If you're like me the number of products you're toting around in your makeup bag seems to mushroom overnight. Soon you're spending more time rummaging around for that concealer you know is in there somewhere than you do applying it

The solution is simple; pare down. Now with so many double duty products appearing on the market, it's a breeze.

Start out with a concealer that works as both a highlighter and concealer. MAYBELINE AGE REWIND FACE PERFECTOR does a great job. Erace those dark circles and discolorations with the concealer, then brighten eyelids brow and cheekbone with the high lighter. Don't forget to give special attention (translation a little extra highlighter to the inner eye area.

Cheeks and lips come to life courtesy of a new product from BENEFIT called RUSH HOUR. Housed in a gold cylinder, this luscious sunberry tint is a neutral color that is formulated to work equally well on cheeks, lips or anywhere.

Now all you're left needing is the mascara of your choice! The options are endless. I still have a bit of a problem. I'm addicted to eyeliner. No amount of mascara can make my pale eyes come to life with out it. If only some cosmetic company would come out with a mascara that has an eyeliner on the other end I'd be first in line to purchase it.


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