Monday, October 22, 2007


After thinking and rethinking and spending way too much time in front of the mirror lifting my eyes with the fingers of one hand and smoothing out the wattle beneath my chin with the other; and after asking the opinion of close friends and family and also several members of my ballet class, I'm going under the knife as they used to say or in my case the Active FX Laser and a few strategically placed incisions.
My surgeon Scott WellsM.D. assures my that my years of sun damage will be erased and my skin tighter due to the ongoing collagen boost the Laser provides. My eyes will more resemble their former wide awake selves rather than the tired droop they've been wearing in later years. I've seen Dr. Wells twice and have an appointment later today to fine tune the procedure and pick up my prescriptions.
So,yes I'm actually doing this. The date is November 8 (Election day for my elective surgery)
So stay with me. I'll keep you updated with before and after pictures and all the details. Yes it's a bit scary but blogging about it helps. And an interesting aside. There was not one negative response to the question. Should I do it?