Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Benefit, queen of the quick fix, has a new product with yet another catchy name. This one is a mascara, Bad Gal Blue. OK so it won't change your eye color but it will enhance it and, more importantly to me anyway, make the whites brighter.
Don't be put off by the bright blue color on the wand. Technology allows the blue shade which does not appear the same color when applied to the lashes, to optically brighten eye whites and enhances the lighter flecks in the iris. It can be applied alone or over black mascara to just the tips of the lashes.
I have sensitive eyes and the whites have never been as bright as I would have liked. Age hasn't helped. I've read about a product used by models for that purpose but have not been able to find it and tend to think it may be a perscription item
My problem became more acute not long ago when I made the mistake of taking ballet class sans eye makeup . Afterwards the teacher, a young Russian man took me aside, which in ballet class is a rare occurrence. I was jubilant. He must have finally noticed that my pirouettes had improved. In fact I rarely lost my balance half way through anymore.
"Are you Okay? he inquired.
" I'm fine," I answered,guessing he had missed those perfect pirouettes. "Why?'
" Well your eyes look sort of inflamed ."
Needless to say , Bad Gal Blue had my name on it and I snapped it up as soon as it appeared at my local Sephora. And yes the whites of my eyes do appear whiter though maybe not as white as I would like but then I'm still working on those pirouettes too.

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