Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Little Face Lift

My friend Mary is one who shares my enthusiasm for all beauty enhancers and is quick to try what is new and promising. She even tried botox and lipo long before they became household words. Lately she been talking about getting a little lift,
so when I was looking for her Christmas gift at Sephora and spied a box that said Natural Light Face Lift Duo,I felt I had stumbled upon the perfect present and made a beeline to the checkout counter.
At home I looked at it more carefully. This little goody it put out by Bare Escentuals. The compact sized container contains two shades of what is referred to as bareMinerals, one a bit darker than the other. The darker is applied to the upperface, around the eyes, brow bone etc.and the lighter to those creases and annoying lines that appear between nose and mouth and even worse, to my way of thinking, between mouth and chin.
I don't know what I expected but I wasn't too impressed. It sounded rather simplistic and was nothing I hadn't heard or read before. Was this what I wanted to give Mary?
In a flash I ripped open the box and container and grabbed a brush from my collection. (They sell a special brush but it is extra.) and applied it as directed. I did look better, but as my skin is very dry I was afraid that the minerals or what have you would be drawn to my wrinkles. A look in the magnifying mirror reveled no trace.
A while later I went to meet my friend Marcia at Starbucks. Marcia is a woman who is ignorant of any kind of artifice. While her own skin always glows she can never remember what shade and kind of foundation it is that she smooths on her cheeks other than she thinks it's Clinique.
So I'm talking and suddenly she interrupts, something Marcia who is the best listener I know never does,and says."You know you look very good."
Well that did it! I kept the face lift duo and bought Mary a ruched velvet scarf that she absolutely loved!

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