Monday, September 18, 2006

Two Great Products to Repair Sun Ravaged Skin.

Yes I was diligent about applying and re-applying sun block. I also wore a hat and sat under an umbrella when at the beach. However when I arrived home from vacation my trusty bathroom mirror revealed a face more blotchy and drier than the one I viewed before I left.

The good news is that a quick trip to Sephora and a stop at the drugstore solved my problem.
At Sephora, I passed on my regular moisturizer (Cliniques Super defense ) and splurged instead on Decleor's Nutri Delice Ultra Nourishing Cream. Fortified with cereals and essential oils it was just what my skin was craving. After two days I was looking decidedly better. After a week my skin continues to improve so much that I may say goodby to my former favorite.
At the drug store I purchased Jergens Shea Butter which promised to turn my elephant textured limbs into radiantly soft skin. Okay so that an impossible task but my skin, especially on my upper arms and legs, looks markably improved.

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